Thursday, June 29, 2006

Kodak No.1Pocket and Arches

This is a Kodak No.1 Pocket camera that uses 120 film and produces a 6x9 negative. I went through southern Utah, on my way to a family reunion, and decided to use this camera to help document my trip. The camera was produced until 1926 and uses 120 rollfilm. I used this to try and document the west as seen through the eyes of John Ford, the director. The pictures certainly have a distinct stamp on them and could pass for something actually taken back in the 1920's.

Monday, June 19, 2006


I am in the midst of processing film taken while in Florida. I have been working all kinds of crazy hours lately, so I don't have enough done to post here. I am heading to Colorado andUtah for a family reunion this weekend so I will have more film to process. I think I shot about six rolls of 35mm and three rolls of 120 film while in Florida. I hope to have at least one or two decent shots from those rolls. I should shoot about that many on this trip, so will have plenty of material for the blog, but I am a bit behind on the processing and scanning. Please keep checking back and feel free to leave comments and suggestions. I need suggestions to help continually improve my photography, so help me out.

Here are some flowers taken earlier this spring. I just can't get enough of the macro. The roses are coming on strong now, so I will have some images of those to post. I understand that some may get bored with the same ol' shots, but after a long, gray, and rainy winter and spring, flowers are extra nice for me.

PS. Hagar the Viking is now in Germany. Can't wait to see the images. I will update those as they come in.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Viking Lands in Wales

Sandeha, a very nice gentleman and fellow photographer from Wales, took Hagar around to show the Viking the sights. I am increasingly aware of my shortcomings as a photographer with the postings of the participants of the Hagar trip. Using the same camera, these photographers post much better results than I got and Sandeha is no exception to this statement. He actually put some colorthrough the camera which turned out quite nice. For the rest of the photos, please visit His website is also worth a visit. Be sure to click on the photos below for larger views.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Hagar the Viking update

This is Phillip with Hagar the Ansco Viking camera in Newfoundland. Apparantly, the camera and Phillip got along together just fine, because the images are very good. For more images and information on the trip please visit

I quote, "The only authenticated Norse (=Viking) archaeological site in North America is at Lance aux Meadows (a.k.a. L'anse aux meadows and known locally as Lancey Meadows) in Northern Newfoundland. A street in St. John's is named for that community: "

A mister Sebastian Toombs took some time to show the Viking around Victoria B.C. for a time and I have posted two of the photos here. Unfortunately, Hagar decided to decapitate a few people and buildings, but I will let Mr Toombs tell the story, because he does it better than I. Please visit for more photos and the running dialogue.

Hagar is now in Wales and is happily snapping away.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Oh, One more thing

Thought I would try something in Sepia. What think ye?

I will also update Hagar the Ansco Viking's travel next week. He has seen two more stops recently. Cool!!!

Next Week and a weed

I am trying to do a a series of wildflowers and weeds that grow in our area. This is a weed, but that is quite pretty. The flower is about the size of a pencil eraser, maybe a bit bigger, and lasts for a couple of weeks. This one lasted much less, I mowed it down shortly after snapping the photo.

I am heading out to visit my mother in Florida this week and will be collecting a few shots from that state. Check back to see some updates next week. I am planning on taking my Fuji half-frame camera, the Holga, a Pentax sv, and a surprise camera. I will take some photos, call my Mom "Granny" because she hates that, and try not to get airsick.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Favorite Flower

This is my all time favorite flower. It is the one given to more Mom's across the country than any other, is really quite beautiful, and the greens taste good in a salad. "Dandelion Wine" is also one of my favorite books.