Friday, March 28, 2008

Where I have been and some apologies

First off I have to apologize for not responding to folks leaving comments here. I have actually been very busy this last year and have not had the time or energy to put into the blog like I have wanted to. I am a more able now to do so.

The other problem I have had has been technical. I have had some problems with my computer and internet access. anyway, after losing most of my software and reinstalling almost everything, I am back up and running except that I need a wireless card for a desktop. That is my next purchase once the tax returns come. The school where I work actually blocks blogspot, even though I use it in the classroom, so I am not able to access my blog there. That leaves the community computer for now.

Please keep looking, commenting and asking questions. I will respond as soon as I am able.


Kiev 4 and Hell's Canyon

I sold a few of my cameras a month or so ago and bought a Kiev 4, rangefinder camera from the Former Soviet Union. It is patterned after the Contax line of cameras and is quite a gem. I loaded up a roll and we headed to Hell's Canyon as it was the only place around with less than two feet of snow.

Here is Bubba waiting in my classroom to load up and get going on our trip.

Here he is holding his sister and mother in the palm of his hand. Show-off.

Still life I took before we left to test focus and film.

Ranch on the way. Bear sculptures and around three to four feet of snow. The rest are all Hell's Canyon.


Some Polaroid Pics

Polaroid is closing its doors for good on its instant film production. It is a bit sad because of all the artistic uses for Polaroid film. Fuji is still producing instant film that can be used in pacfilm cameras so there still is an outlet, albeit a more expensive one. These were taken using polaroid 665 film that produces a black and white photo as well as negative. i took these last summer, but finally got around to scanning them. Polaroid actually stopped production of this film a year ago or so. Great stuff.