Friday, June 09, 2006

Hagar the Viking update

This is Phillip with Hagar the Ansco Viking camera in Newfoundland. Apparantly, the camera and Phillip got along together just fine, because the images are very good. For more images and information on the trip please visit

I quote, "The only authenticated Norse (=Viking) archaeological site in North America is at Lance aux Meadows (a.k.a. L'anse aux meadows and known locally as Lancey Meadows) in Northern Newfoundland. A street in St. John's is named for that community: "

A mister Sebastian Toombs took some time to show the Viking around Victoria B.C. for a time and I have posted two of the photos here. Unfortunately, Hagar decided to decapitate a few people and buildings, but I will let Mr Toombs tell the story, because he does it better than I. Please visit for more photos and the running dialogue.

Hagar is now in Wales and is happily snapping away.


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