Sunday, October 29, 2006

Where I live part of the time

I resigned from my job at the university so that I could teach English and Spanish. I ended up getting offered a job to teach at a small school near Joseph Oregon. The area is spectacularly beautiful, with mountains surrounding the whole area, and wildlife all around.

The school was getting ready to sell off all of the darkroom supplies so I decided to rescue all that good stuff, and started a photography club. I ended up with around 25 members, which is more than I thought we would have. I mentioned the fact that we were meeting for the first time, over at nelsonfoto, and the fine folks there started sending gifts. I got a few 35mm cameras to loan those students that didn't have a camera, chemicals to develop film and paper, 100' of film, and various goodies. The generosity from those folks is amazing.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hagar in the Land Down Under

Another participant in the Hagar trip around the world posted a few images and a great travel log and history of his city. For the full write-up, please look here The quality from all of the participants so far has been fabulous. Thank you all for participating.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hagar in Germany Part II

Hagar, the traveling camera had a chance to visit a gay pride parade and get a few photos. These are actually quite good and I am surprised at the ability of my friends to get street shots with this old beast. For a complete rundown of the photos taken at the parade please see nelsonfoto at (Not Safe For Work).

Friday Night Lights

Here a couple from a night game our local high school was playing.

Photos from Field Trip

The Biology teacher and I took all of the sophomores on a biology/poetry field trip about a week ago. We ended up catching two grouse and banding them, hiking and observing nature, and doing a bit of research on the plants and animals of the region. These are some photos from the trip.