Monday, June 19, 2006


I am in the midst of processing film taken while in Florida. I have been working all kinds of crazy hours lately, so I don't have enough done to post here. I am heading to Colorado andUtah for a family reunion this weekend so I will have more film to process. I think I shot about six rolls of 35mm and three rolls of 120 film while in Florida. I hope to have at least one or two decent shots from those rolls. I should shoot about that many on this trip, so will have plenty of material for the blog, but I am a bit behind on the processing and scanning. Please keep checking back and feel free to leave comments and suggestions. I need suggestions to help continually improve my photography, so help me out.

Here are some flowers taken earlier this spring. I just can't get enough of the macro. The roses are coming on strong now, so I will have some images of those to post. I understand that some may get bored with the same ol' shots, but after a long, gray, and rainy winter and spring, flowers are extra nice for me.

PS. Hagar the Viking is now in Germany. Can't wait to see the images. I will update those as they come in.


At 8:31 AM, Anonymous Ryan Shaul said...

Hey brother, nice flower shots! I love them!! I also LOVE taking photos of flowers and my "weed" pics as Kurtis calls them! I never tire of beauty! Thanks! Love ya, sis


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