Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Welta 9x12 Plate Camera--Edited and updated

Previously I hadn't put any pictures of the camera here. These were taken with the Holga to give a bit of old time feel.

These are a the first few test shots I took with a Welta 9x12 plate camera. I bought this a while ago with eight kodak film holders. 9x12 size film is almost as large as 4x5 film used in many cameras today. This camera uses sheet film that is loaded into a holder. You get one shot per holder so don't want to waste the shot. You set up the camera, put the dark cloth over your head, check the ground glass screen where the image is upside down, focus the image, remove the ground glass, put in the film holder, set the lens aperature and shutter speed, remove the slide, take the picture, replace the slide, replace the focusing screen, and you are ready to set up the next shot. Needless to say, this is not a fast camera to use. It takes deliberate set up and should, over time make for better photographs. It came in a nice leather case made in Nurnburg and the whole set-up weighs a ton, but I can't wait for better weather to take it on some hikes.

Crop from above. The negative above, when scanned and left at original size, are pretty sharp and would easily print quite large.

Back of the house. One of my favorite spots.

Another poart of the house. This old weathered wood is quite photogenic. The silver dollar plants are quite nice as well. The only problem was that the wind started blowing about the time I wanted to take a picture. I waited and waited for it to stop, but it never did. Finally, the wind hit a semi-lull and I snapped the photo. Again the net doesn't do the photo justice. It is not the best, but looks much better full size.

Crop from above. The movement of the plants gave an almost translucent quality to leaves.


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Looks very smoth and feel of the old deal with the atractive old stlye photography.


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