Monday, March 06, 2006

Tower Type III--Updated

I finally got around to getting a picture of the Zorki 6 and Tower Type III cameras. The green is the Zorki, for those uninitiated in the FSU rangefinders.

I just got my camera back from The Former Soviet Rupublic where I had a very nice gentleman repair the camera. This was a Tower Type III that my grandfather owned and bought shortly after WWII. It is a Leica III copy that, I am assured is quite accurate to the original. My grandfather probably bought the camera while in the Navy and stationed at either San Diego or while in Hawaii. He has since passed away, but I have this and a couple of Mate gourds from Argentina to help me remember him. The camera needed new shutter curtains and a cleaning. Apparently, time near the ocean caused some rust, but Oleg cleaned it all up and the camera works beautifullly now. Oleg repairs Soviet Union Leica copies and most other types of Leica or Contax cameras including the originals. His business can be found at I highly recommend him for repair work. I had him repair this camera and a Zorki 6 which is another Leica type camera. I will post photos taken with that camera later.

This is a crop of the above pic. I thought it fitting to take a photo of a memorial of the men and women who served in WWII.

This is a picture of my house that my son took. We live across the street from the park. He just started getting interested in photography and is eight.

Not that great of a picture, but it was the first one I took with the camera.


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