Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Canon Elan 7--My most modern camera

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Crop of the above pic. Very sharp even enlarged.


At 5:43 PM, Anonymous William Burke said...

I had the earlier Elan model - I forget what it's called. Gave it to my daughter and told her to find her own manual, because it didn't come with one.

I left my Brownie Hawkeye - complete with original box and bulbs - in a move once. I regret it to this day.

I still have my Miranda Sensorex EE - GREAT camera, but I have to buy a battery for it - a near mint Fuji STX-2 (with the 135mm lens it's a FANTASTIC portrait camera).

I also have my Canon EOS Rebel G, my first Canon, a sweet little Minolta Himatic G, and *GASP!* I broke down and bought a Digital Rebel XT when my granson was born last June.

Recently, I bought a little Vivtar Vivicam 55 at Walmart. I thought it'd make an interesting pocket camera to play around with. Vivitar's website says it works with Mac OS X, but it's a damned lie!

I've been fondling and loving my old cameras all over again in the past two weeks, ordering fresh batteries, and so on. Boy, would I EVER love to find a Tower III! My first camera, in high school, was a Tower - model forgotten. My first Miranda and lenses were stolen on a college trip to a fiddlers' convention.

Thanks so much for helping rekindle the love of cameras and just taking neat pictures on your site!

William in Taos, NM

At 1:23 PM, Blogger MikeR said...


Thanks for the reply. It is great to hear that the love of photography is not gone. I love the Brownies, Elan's, and the Himatic series of cameras. I am always amazed at the exceptional quality of these cameras. Thanks again.



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