Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Yashicamat EM

These were taken from a camera that I bought from the same lady who was selling the Fujica Half-Frame. This is a TLR medium format Yashicamat EM that is truly a fun and nice camera to use. It has a nice bright screen, is solidly built, has a selenium meter that works because the thing was stored in a nice leather case, has double exposure prevention, and fits nicley in my oversized hands. The camera came ready to use, which is nice, because I have had a tough time buying from e-bay recently because I tend to get cameras that are very dirty. None of the cameras I bought from this estate were in any condition but fabulous. These were taken in our local cemetary and as you might notice, it is very peaceful. So peaceful in fact, that deer tend to spend quite a bit of time here. Can you see the one in the background here. I tried to get shot of them as the main subject, but this camera does not lend itself to fast handling, at least in my hands, and I didn't want to disturb them. I used outdated Kodak PXP shot at 400 and processed in Diafine.

I ended up taking more shots, and will post those later. This was at my sons eighth birthday party. As you can see, it had a pirate theme, with a treasure hunt, eye patches, and a birthday cake with pirates stranded on a deserted island (or is that desserted island) and a ship that had a canon that shot Whoppers as canon balls. Here he is trying to make his meanest pirate face while saying, "Arghh."


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