Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Large Format Pics

These are some large format pics taken by a friend of mine named Brian (r-brian) over on and are used with his permission. He says, "This is one of my favorite places to photograph. It's a little stone cabin, built in the 1930's by the CCC, right on the edge of the crest of the Sandia Mountains. Off the back side of the cabin is a vertical drop of 500 feet or so, then a steep incline for another 5000 feet till you hit Albuquerque. These photos were taken on last Columbus Day early in the morning. The cloud was on top of the mountain and it was windy, like always, and snowing. Taken with a 4x5 Tachihara, 65mm f8 Ilex Acugon on Tri-x developed in HC-100 Dil B. Just quick scans on a Epson 2450 with some curves adjustments. Bought the scanner just for situations like this, proofing 4x5 negs."

Thank you Brian for letting me post these here.

These first three photos were taken with a 4 x5 Tachihara wooden field camera.

This last pics was taken using a 4x5 Busch Pressman metal field camera.


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