Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Update--Viking Progress

I just wanted to update the Viking, named Hagar, around the world progress. We have compiled a list of participants over at Nelsonfoto.com and have sent the camera off to Mike K up in the north country (Canada) who has volunteered to look the camera over before it starts on its world tour. If any would like to join, please go to Nelsonfoto and get on the list. If you have linked from here, please let them know that you heard about them from here. Thank you. There is a list of rules to go with the camera, such as you must send chocolate to me and have fun with the beast. Each person will have the camera for seven days and then send it on with a photo of themselves with the camera and possibly a postcard of the area they are from. This will then be compiled here and at nelsonfoto.com and I will blog the progress of the camera plus scans of all the postcards sent and comments on the notes entered into the accompanying book. Sounds like fun but it is a bit of work getting started.

I will post some tonight or tomorrow. I shot and developed two rolls of film but still need to scan them in. I have been over the-top busy lately but recently picked up an old 4x5 press camera and a couple of other cameras that I am looking forward to using.

Thanks all and keep checking back.


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