Tuesday, February 14, 2006

FED 2 Last Pics

I just sold a FED 2 to a friend over on nelsonfoto and it needed new curtains as light is leaking through them. I just shipped the beast out yesterday, but this weekend I had a chance to use it one more time. We live in a small town of around 1500 people where everyone knows all about everyone else. In this case it is a good thing. There is an older couple in town who had a limb off of one of the large pines in their front yard fall during a storm and go completely through their roof and partway through their bedroom ceiling. They decided to take out the two tall trees so that they wouldn't have to worry anymore about a repeat. I got a call late Friday night to come and help the next day. I showed up and watched the action begin. I had the FED 2 with me knowing that the pics might not be great, but wanted to send it on its way going out with its boots on. The pics have very bright lights right in the middle because of the curtains, but I did get the pics.

First tree falling!

Second tree falling! The amazing thing is that there were power lines all around us and the logger didn't even get close to hitting one. It looked exactly like the trees were tall enough to hit the lines, but just dropped them right where he wanted.

We counted 117 rings which means this tree was around way before I was. I think it is a bit of a tragedy to cut something this old down.

The kids showing me their muscles.

Homemade tractor/snowplow. The one in the back is a 4-wheeler included so you can get an idea of the size.


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