Saturday, February 04, 2006


I was driving home from work with my new Pentax Spotmatic and a 55mm on the front. I saw this herd of elk and stopped, ran along a railroad track until I got in line with the elk, snuck up the ten foot embankment and got these pics.

Elk waiting against a fence line.

Elk can read--sign says, "Closed to Entry Except by Permit."

Wait, here comes the rest. I thought, to myself, I have a 135mm and a 2x coupler that I wish I had. I bet that you can hardly see the elk in th pic. There are three big bulls in that herd. I go home, load up the camera with new lense and go out to shoot pics. I got some nice pics of horses, cows, deer jumping a fence, some shots of family, and even a shot of crows bothering a bald eagle after he killed something and was eating it in a field. I got home and started rewinding and thought that there wasn't much tension on the roll film. Oh yeah, I had that stupid camera in my car for three days, going out of my way to take nice pics, and there wasn't any film in the dang camera. I know now I need to slow down. I might have too many projects going.


At 5:18 AM, Blogger Ringrose said...

Oohh, that's too bad. I've done it too. I used to use a camera a long time ago that I would often not fully engage the film on the take-up spool. Grrr. Same result, different stupidity. May you always be fully loaded! Nice blog & pictures, btw.

At 8:45 AM, Blogger MikeR said...

Thank you much! The (not so) funny thing is that I will probably do it again. At least it is likely that I will do something similar. I just figure I saved all that time and money by not developing that one roll of film. :)


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