Thursday, February 02, 2006

Viking around the world!! Updated

I have decided to do a camera around the world tour. This is Operation Hagar, where my Ansco Viking gets sent to photographers listed at Each photographer will take some pics, then send the camera on. We will compile the pics there and I will also update progress here. Hopefully, we will get some great pics from the old Beast. So far the camera is going to Mexice, Norway, Britian, Canada, Newfoundland (I understand this is in Canada), Uruguay, and many states here in the US. To say the least, this is one project that I am looking forward to. Hopefully, this is a bit different than what other photoblogs are doing.

This is a photo that I took in Tillamook Oregon at the largest wooden framed structure in the US. It was made to build blimps in during WWII. The image I took was not this good, but a friend at Nelsonfoto helped me out and fixed some problems in photoshop. It now looks like it was taken a long time ago, not this summer.


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