Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pentax super Takumar fever update

I finally got my Pentax SV camera and a 135mm Super Takumar lens to go with it. The camera feels like the old Pentaxs' I had back in the day. This particular camera doesn't have a light meter so all exposures were done using the sunny-16 rule. The only thing I didn't like was the sound of the mirror slap. I almost jumped the first time it slapped up then down. I thought something was wrong, but after running a short roll of test shots through the camera, I think it is just the way the older beasts were made. These are a few shots from the first test roll.

This is my niece that happened to be over when I was testing the lens. She is quite the Diva and runs the household with an iron fist. Her older brother does just about whatever he is told to do.

I asked her to give me the mean face she uses with her brother--pretty mean. I like the photo, but wish that the flair wasn't there. I will have to watch that with these older lenses. They are multi-coated but still seem to have a tendancy to flair.

I have been waxing philosophical lately and when I saw this sign, I thought that this was a sign. You know, like a sign, foretelling, etc. This is life. Corny I know, but true.

Granite sculpture on-campus here.


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