Monday, January 09, 2006

Zeiss Contina

This is my pride and joy, at least one of them. This is a Zeiss Contina 35mm that is in fabulous condition. The case is pristine and the Selenium light meter is right on, even after all these years. It was made in Germany and sports a Pantar 45mm lens. I recently picked up a 75mm lens a bit ago that is also the Pantar and is great for portraits. I will try and post a few portrait shots on the morrow. It is a fun camera to use, but I do wish it had a coupled rangefinder and strap lugs. If you get used to focusing by guessing how far a subject is from the camera, and can shoot in higher light to be able to stop down the shutter so that depth-of-field is maximized this camera is for you. The lenses are amazingly sharp, sometimes too sharp. These were taken on a variety of films and the black and whites were developed here at home. Take a peak.


At 8:37 PM, Blogger Wigwam Jones said...


Fantastic bit on the Contina! I'm a confirmed Contina fan as well - I have the older model (with the trapdoor over the meter) and the kidney-bean-shaped leather box with both lenses inside - the 30 and the 75. You should check out the Agfa Karat IV as well - fine bit of kit in the same tradition of well-made cameras.



At 9:46 AM, Blogger MikeR said...

I am jealeous!! I want the 30 but haven't found one yet. I will check out the Agfa. I am always on the lookout for new, well made older cameras. Are you on rangefinderforum? I thought I saw your name before. Wigwam Jones is a bit hard to forget.

At 1:46 PM, Blogger Wigwam Jones said...

I was on RFF. Nice place. I had to go.

I believe that there are a couple 30's and 75's on the auction site right now - search for 'Pantar' will usually find what you're looking for if it is to be found. But they come by every so often, and usually no one knows what they're for, so they tend to go cheap.

At 10:15 PM, Blogger MikeR said...

I'll take a peaek. Thanks for the heads up!

At 1:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there I just picked up the exact same camera from a 2nd hand shop for US$15!

Its in great condition except the winder appears to be jammed. Any ideas?



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