Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What this Blog is meant to do!!

I have been messing around with cameras most of my life and needed a place to talk about photographs, cameras, film, developing, etc. I have been posting on sites such as and but I find that I need more, possibly a place to just vent. I realize that this starts as a one-way conversation, but I hope to hear comments by some good folks as time passes. I do enjoy dialogue.

I primarily shoot with older cameras that were made before the 1980's for a variety of reasons. The first is that I like the build quality of a camera made mostly of metal. These just feel right to me, possibly because I started off with a Pentax K-1000 which my parents gave to me for my high school graduation. The second reason why I like the older cameras is that generally, they give my photographs somewhat of an older look. The third reason is that they are cheap, allowing me a chance to try many different cameras for the same price as one modern camera. I have newer Canon's that I will shoot with and make images, as well as plastic or toy cameras, but the majority will be from cameras of the older vintage in a variety of formats.

Maybe, by posting most of my work here, I can get a handle on what I have done over the last year and make some sense of where I am going. it should be an interesting ride, for me at least.


At 6:11 AM, Anonymous Mike Connealy said...

I don't know what makes blogs successful, but you've got some nice pictures and you write well. Seems like a good start.
I'd be interested in seeing something on your traditional archery interest. I taught my kids and grandkids to shoot with some old recurves. Also have an old longbow I picked up at an Oakland flea market about thirty years ago; I've never strung it. Am very fond of my small collection of archery books, including a first edition of Saxton Pope's Hunting with the Bow & Arrow.

At 8:47 AM, Blogger MikeR said...


I have been making a bow with a bamboo belly, hickory core, and natural bamboo back. It should be a pretty sweet shooter. I have made others of fiberglass with wood cores which turned out to be pretty great bows.

One of my favorite books out there is Hunting The Hard Way by Howard Hill. He is a hero of mine and, in my opinion, the greatest archer and archery hunter of all time.

A couple of links to traditional archery sites are and These have tons of information and very friendly communities.

Thanks for the reply.


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