Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I feel that I might need to give a bit of an explanation for the photos that I recently posted. Not that anyone really cares, but a few might be interested. This reflects, a bit, my philosophy of the blog and photography. I don't know if I would call myself a photographer, artist, repair person, perfectionist, or any of those things that would qualify me as a good photographer. I have thought recently of putting together a blog using rss feeds and only posting my best work as many have done, but, quite frankly I am not as interested in that sort of blog. I could, I feel, take my most modern camera, get good film, and produce a blog full of sharp, nice photos with artistic qualities. Aren't there enough doing that already? At the expense of not being added to as many "favorites" lists on, I think I will stick to this type of photoblog and call myself, not photographer, but experimentor.

Why do I say this in regards to the recent posts? These pictures are mostly just family snapshots. No pretense at art here. You won't see them on anyones building in downtown New York or in an art studio. I am fine with that. They do represent different periods in my life and as such "mean" something to me. They are periods in my life that made me happy and bring up memories that keep the past alive. These are things that are precious to me, meaning they are my treasures. Also, I like the look of some of the photographs produced by the old cameras. These are of great interest to me. Besides, I love the pants my younger brother, by 12 years, is wearing in the fish photo. That is a classic photo.

Please forgive the overly long explanation, we will now get back to programming as usual.


At 12:49 PM, Blogger franx said...

Me parece que tiene mucho sentido lo que escribes. El blog para mi también es una forma de compartir algo personal, no de buscar fama o reconocimiento. Se trata de experimentar con la técnica fotográfica y de expresar lo que uno ve. Siempre regreso a ver tu blog aunque no se trate de "arte".

At 1:31 PM, Blogger MikeR said...

Gracias por todo. Ojala, voy aprendiendo un poco cada dia. Espero mas que mas que estoy aprendiendo a ver el mundo en una manera diferente y mejor. Felicidades, Papa!!


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