Friday, January 20, 2006


These are from an Ansco Viking 6x9 folding camera that I bought off of e-bay. I think the camera was $10 plus five for shipping. I needed to clean the camera, including the shutter and re-calibrate the lens. I used wax paper rolled onto two 120 format film cartidges to re set infinity because I didn't have ground glass at the time. This photo was from a trip we took to the Oregon Coast this summer. The weather was crummy and the light was bad but we had a good time eating fish, Tillamook ice cream, and saltwater taffy. The plane is atually huge--a person would barely be able to reach the belly of the plane. This will easily print 11x14 and could probably go bigger. The large size of negative is great. Now you know why I want an 8x10 view camera.

1 to 1 crop of above image.


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