Thursday, January 19, 2006


I just got a brand new Holga camera and thought I would post some pics. The holga cameras have a cult following simply because they are so bad. They are all plastic, cheap, medium format cameras that produce notoriously bad and unforseen results. Even the lenses are plastic. Perfect for serious art. Actually there have been art galleries full of Holga images. I might try to teach a Holga photography class at the university to unsuspecting students. :) The reason I suspect that they are so popular is that newer modern cameras coupled with photoshop make fantastically sharp images that, after awhile, look all the same. Most people can make high quality images with todays cameras and this produces complete boredom. Look in any ten magazines today and you will see what I mean. No fear of taking sharp images with the Holga. Every image is unique and wonderfully different. Can you tell which one was not taken by the Holga?


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