Saturday, January 21, 2006

Kiev pinhole

As some of you know, I have a kiev 88 in need of repair. It turns out that the metal shutter curtains weren't working correctly and the speed could not be changed. During repair, I got a little excited, got on e-bay, bought another body and tore out the shutter curtains on this body with some needle nose pliars. That's what happens when no one wants to help repair my cameras.

Anyway, I took the lens and screwed a filter into it that held a piece of aluminum foil that had a pinhole. To get the pinhole, I attached two wires to a 9v battery and alligator clipped one end to the foil and wrapped the other end around a stick pin. I then touched the end of the pin to the center of the foil and it burned a hole through the foil. It needed to be a bit bigger, but it is pretty clean. Just be careful because the foil gets hot and the battery gets hot as well. You just don't want the battery to blow so touch it for a second then let up and do it again.

Dang scratch on the negative. Nice roses though.

Pinhole self-portrait.


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