Friday, January 13, 2006

Ansco Shurflash

These were all taken with an Ansco Shurflash box camera. CE Nelson started the project on to send the camera to all 50 states and have different photographers take pictures and then send the camera on. I happily represented the Oregon leg of the tour and hope to help out with Washington State. The camera is made of cardboard, has one shutter speed and one aperature opening. I wish I had a picture to show just how simple the thing is. It takes 120 roll film and, in the right light, takes pretty decent pictures. The project has now moved to

Still life--My son drags every bone we find on our hikes home and my wife puts up with it, barely.

This is a lumber mill that has been shut down for years. It is a shame to see good equipment sitting unused. No matter what the political or environmental thoughts we have, losing a huge part of the industry has decimated these small towns. Schools are now severely underfunded and people are working three and sometimes four jobs to stay in the town where they were raised.

My favorite of the series.

Fish ladder behind my house that allows the salmon to rest before going up further to spawn.

Old water truck from the logging days.


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