Saturday, July 22, 2006

Minolta Himatic Underwater Camera

My family and I recently took a trip to Florida to visit my mom and to introduce her to her new grandaughter. Sinc eFlorida has sun, sand, and water, I thought that I would take a camera that could handle all three. I chose the Minolta Weathermatic simply because I have had great success with the Himatic line.

These first two pics were from a test roll that I ran, to make sure the camera worked. My only complaint is that it does not have the most sharp focus in the world, being in a waterproof housing.

This is our first pic taken in the water. The pool water was nice and clear which made shooting underwater pretty easy.

This was taken in the ocean from a distance of about 8 inches. The water was pretty murky so underwater shooting was poor.

These next two pics show what the camera was made for, wading out into the water and taking a photo from the level of the water, not above it. This is my son jumping waves and me snapping the picture with part of the camera still in the water. It offers a different perspective.

This is my one shot of a cute girl on the beach. My brother made me take it!!! Honest. My wife didn't believe me either so I have to be extra careful. My only real regret is that the camera was not sharper out of the water and that I was not closer.


At 7:21 PM, Anonymous franx said...

Your photos always capture the fun of the moment without being pretentious... they convey the good moments of the trip and not how you put the camera to the test. I like that.


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